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Digital Marketing & E-influence
Nurture and grow your organisation’s online existence on a consistent basis to keep your brand breathing and growing both today and into the future. Build meaningful relationships with influencers
Deliver high-end media engagement with prominent journalists from national and international newspapers and major broadcasters to help build credibility and trust for your story with the public
Media Relations
Threat-defence management and response
Crisis Communication
Support for CFO, Investor Relations, Financial CSR programme
Financial Communication
Help your business growth and raise awareness amongst key opinion leaders, economic decision makers and public authorities
Public Affairs
Make your voice heard and manage your image and profile
Personal Branding & CEO support
expertise to grow your brand image and corporate communications
Since 2012, Gen-G has worked with more than 200 clients and helped them to build their reputation and achieve their PR and marketing communications’ goals
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We pool our skills, expertise, and experience to help companies increase their business performance and profile across France. We also work with businesses to support their global expansion activities with our network of international experts and partners organisations
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(Trend-Watching in 2009)
Gen-G = Generation G
Our vision is for the delivery of responsible and authentic communications for all our clients
Contribute actively to your positive positioning in the market
a societal movement that is accelerated and re-enforced by the digital generation
25 strategists, including former journalists, lawyers, personal branding specialists, digital media and marketing communications whizzes, crisis communication experts, and political communications’ authorities
Strategy Director
François Ramaget
30-years’ leading award-winning, global PR agencies, including TBWA and Grayling
15-years experience in Business Development, Growth Hacking for startups and Enterprises, VC and complex Digital solutions and Strategies
Pavel Lisovsky
Digital Director
Laurence Gabriel
Deliver high-end media engagement with prominent journalists from national and international newspapers and major broadcasters to help build credibility and trust for your story with the public
Partner & Managing Director
Patricia Attar
18-years’ experience in Media Relations, both in-house and with global consultancies.

An ‘all-terrain’ communications’ professional, working with clients especially in Brand Image campains - in both the B2B and B2C space (Tech - Mobility - Consumer - Food & Lifestyle) as well as those in the Corporate sector
Corporate & Public Affairs Director
Thomas Thévenoud
Thomas has served as a Secretary of State and was a member of the French National Assembly for five years. He has more than 20 years’ experience working as a politician and has worked for more than three years on Public Affairs. He is also experienced in CEO consulting and is skilled writer and acclaimed journalist
International : Part of international networks
Experienced in developing and managing international campaigns. One of the largest global networks of award-winning PR and communications agencies that works with globally recognized brands reach stakeholder and audiences around the world
Approved mentoring and partner communications’ agency
Station F — official mentor of Station F (Moove Lab) to support Mobility start-ups with their communications’ challenges
Agoranov — official mentor of the Paris Science & Tech Incubator., Agoranov supports innovative start-up companies
Ionis — mentor of start-ups incubated by the leading private higher education group in France
Tech Care — official mentor for the innovative start-up which focuses on the ‘e-health’ development and well-being of the economic sector, consolidating its culture of exciting innovation
Partech — official partner of Partech, a venture capital fund specialized in information and communication technologies (present in Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and Dakar)
Partnership with Villa France
Bridge between France & Germany
We support law firms working with ‘change-makers’. They help to adapt or create legal conditions for your success
Reserve your one-hour, FREE coaching session with our experts, on:
/Public Affairs
/Brand Positioning
/Digital Marketing
When Heetch received criticism by the government and taxi companies in 2014 in Paris, the story received extensive national media coverage.

We closely worked with Heetch to advise them on how to manage and respond to a crisis situation.

Impact of our work
- To positively re- position media awareness of Heetch and clarify its business purpose and values

- Our recommended strategy and tactics managed to successfully bring together politicians, the media, and the community in question, in public debate around HEETCH, with coverage on leading national media, social networks, and comment from some of France’s best-known business leaders

- Heetch positioned as a positive symbol for young people and new urban transportation


COM-ENT (ex. UJJEF) French Trophies:
- 1st prize — Influence and/or Crisis Communication
- 1st prize — External Communication
The 29-year-old start-up business innovator refused a $20M investment proposal.

Goal: To create a positive news “buzz” around the CEO, his vision, and the investment proposal.

Impact of our work
- More than three million views of a special video commentary story in less than two months!

- First French entrepreneur to have been invited to TEDx
Business development: Growth of sales for Lemlist

Guillaume Moubèche (CEO lemlist)
Launch Klaxit and bit Blablacar in terms of share of voice.

Impact of our work
In under one year, Klaxit became the leader in terms of share-of-voice in its category and a key player in new mobility in France.

Launch the brand in the French market.

Impact of our work
Firmly establish Pukka as a key brand for its target market.
In less than four years, Pukka has become the preferred leader and provider of ethically sourced, organic infusions in France.

A loyal and engaged community.

Dassault Systemes
Increase awareness of the B2B company by promoting its best-known, pioneering innovations.

Key achievements
- Regularly place Dassault Systèmes in mainstream media. Highlighting Dassault Systèmes' news and offering comment from key company spokespeople on breaking stories

- Reinforcing Dassault Systèmes' leadership image among decision makers: today, Dassault Systèmes established as a top French company in innovations in the public field and business ecosystem.
Arnaud Malherbe
Director, PR & Comms, WW – Dassault Systèmes
Nous sommes ravis de collaborer avec Gen-G depuis de nombreuses années, en particulier pour son équipe professionnelle et dynamique, son excellente connaissance des influenceurs et des médias ainsi que sa capacité d’adaptation au changement et à l’évolution de la Communication.
Bertrand Biard
Président L’Evénement​

Parce que dans «relations presse» il y a aussi le mot «relations» à côté de l’attente de «médiatisation», je salue l’engagement et le professionnalisme de Gen-G. ​

Leur soutien, leur conseil et leur détermination sans faille ces derniers jours sont des alliés précieux pour faire entendre, avec raison et finesse, la voix de la filière événementielle, jusqu’alors peu reconnue, dans un contexte complexe de crise économique majeur mais peu audible derrière la tourmente de la crise sanitaire.​

– Merci à Laurence, Patricia et Samuel!

Julien Honnart
Gen-G accompagne Klaxit dans ses relations presse depuis 4 ans. Notre collaboration a permis à Klaxit de s'installer durablement dans le paysage médiatique en nouant des relations de confiance avec les journalistes de notre secteur. La valeur ajoutée de Gen-G : une réactivité de chaque instant, la persévérance pour ne rater aucune opportunité et une bonne humeur communicative!
Anais Billault
Pukka Herbs – Marketing & Communication
Gen-G est un vrai partenaire de confiance et de qualité pour Pukka. Une équipe passionnée, bienveillante, disponible et réactive qui représente au mieux nos valeurs.
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